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Tales of the irresponsible 5 month Campervan adventure of JC, Roamany Moo, and Tibetan Terriers, Gybo and Kicker. “I think it is time to turn the page and open a new chapter”. I said to my husband. House had just sold, boat in Greece was under offer. My new career was not as successful as I had hoped and he had recently fully retired. So why not just take off for a while. Most people spend years planning such a holiday, but we had only 4 months before we moved out of the house. This is the story of our trip, taken from my blog, of our adventures through France, Spain and Portugal.


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“All our camping savvy friends had told us to buy a low wattage heater for use when plugged into the mains. The sites charge a one off price for electrics and why burn gas when you can use their power for nothing extra? Why low wattage you ask? Because the sites electrical systems are so dodgy that plugging in an appliance often blows a few fuses so low is best! So it was after our lovely day when I am on the phone to my mother that JC plugs the fire in. The lights flicker a bit but all stays the same, although the fire is now not working. JC doesn’t like my cheap ebay fire so takes the opportunity to slag it off and mumbles about binning it until I point out that the mains system is now not working which is why the fire doesn’t. Now camping is not that dissimilar to sailing except that you don’t die if the vessel gets holed and your bed is unlikely to be horizontal in either of its two planes. However JC mentioned only 2 days ago that when you go camping things always go wrong! (I didn’t know that!). So, like sailing there should always be a Plan B and of course we had one. We don’t need mains electrics as we have a solar panel topping up our batteries and lots of storage in them anyway. And the fridge runs off gas. So no worries there, and whilst we are on our lovely adventure I know it might sound a bit odd but I do like to keep to my routine and tonight Yusef is going to show Zainab his true colours in Eastenders and I am interested to see what colours they are. JC by this time has disappeared head down under the passenger seat and into the fuse box, so I quietly fire up the big sat dome and whilst giving encouraging comments on the electrical system am able to watch the drama unfold.”



“An unfortunate start to the morning with the Patron of the camp site going berserk at JC about emptying the loo in the wrong place. Apparently there is a booth in the gents for this but as I did the recce and don’t use the gents I didn’t see it, so we decided to use one of the normal loos. A shame as we had 2 blissful days there. Now parked up in the vineyard of Bernard Fleuriet in Manitou Ratel 5 km from Sancerre, having just sampled some of his wines. Last night JC announced we were eating out and treated us ( well the whole trip is a treat really) to a proper French meal in a smart restaurant. The dogs came too and lay beside our table in this formal place with people looking at us rather oddly. However the food was delicious and the house wine, a Sauvignon Menetou Salon was too. so we decided to sniff out the grower. And here we are. Being a member of ‘France Passion’ these growers allow you to moor up on their land for free provided you are totally self-sufficient. JC spat out most of his tastings but I didn’t, so very relaxed now. We also bought some Sancerre Rouge, which is delicious.”